water, land, sky :: tattoo

Obviously by now, you’ve seen my newest (and biggest/most colorful) tattoo.  It was a huge jump to get my entire forearm covered in ink, but it has been in the works for over a year.

It is based off of a picture I found on the internet but I changed it around a bit and Ian (at Safe House Tattoos) is an amazing artist and made it look even more amazing than I could have ever imagined.


People always ask me what this one means and it just has about a million things it could mean to me, so it’s hard to put in a sentence explanation in the moment.  But, I wanted to flesh it out, mostly selfishly for myself…

I love the way it incorporates aspects of water, earth, and air.  Everything is so connected and depends so heavily on the other, I love that my tattoo does the same.

Also, it has a spiritual aspect (of course…)

The anchor represents God, who keeps me grounded, who is responsible for everything in my life.  The compass represents Jesus, who walks with me and directs me daily.  The rope that intertwines throughout is the Holy Spirit, weaving its way through all parts of my life.  Lastly, the bird is me, a free spirit always desperately straining towards something new and exciting, yet still being connected to my anchor.


Also, I may be slightly obsessed with travel and every time I look at the compass, I can’t help but think about everywhere but here. Travel also quickly becoming a theme that find itself into most of my tattoos.

Five tats and counting…


monday morning :: mountains

This morning, Mountains have been on my mind.


I would choose mountains over ocean any day. There’s just something majestic and mysterious about the peaks that reach themselves up as high as the earth will let them. Relaxation and peace follow closely behind when I am immersed in a mountain scene.


I grew up spending spring breaks from school in the Smoky Mountains.  I wish I knew exactly how many times I’ve been, but it’s been far too many to count. Weirdly, these trips to East Tennessee shaped my life more than I really realized. It sparked my love of the outdoors. It made me fall in love with Tennessee, which I now call home.


I owe an embarrassing amount of my life to mountains, but I’m pretty much ok with that.

monday morning :: perfectly poached eggs

This week’s edition brought to you by poached eggs.  I can’t stop making these suckers.  So good and deceptively easy. Try ’em out this week with these simple directions:

1. Bring 3-4 inches of water to a gentle rolling simmer, so water is just slightly bubbling.  You don’t want the water to be violently boiling. Then, add a touch of vinegar.

2. Crack an egg into a small bowl.  Dip the edge of the bowl into the water and slowly let the egg fall into the water and DON’T FREAK OUT.  It’s gonna look a little weird in there for a bit, but let the water do it’s cooking and it’ll be fine.

3. Let the egg cook for about 4 minutes for a runny yolk (longer for a firm yolk) then remove with a spoon onto a paper towl.

4. Season with salt and pepper and place on top of freshly baked wheat biscuits (preferebly)


Perfectly runny yolks are my love language.

monday morning :: bits & pieces

I have a tumblr…

Also called Almost Overnight.  It’s like my little inspiration feed that makes me feel all inspired inside.  It’s my latest endeavor and it’s quite lovely.  You should take a look.

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 10.12.56 AM

This weekend…

I felt like I was on vacation.  I was dog/apartment sitting for a friend who lives in a part of town that I rarely ever visit, Germantown.  Walking the neighborhood and eating a new places (alone) gave me the electric feeling that I was traveling somewhere not here.  It also mildly messed with my brain because I still had to work and saw all the people I normally see.  But, it was much needed nonetheless.

Photo copy

I’m so proud…

Of Sean and Winston, our coffee roasters at CREMA, where I work.  The past weekend, they both competed in a national competition called the Brewers Cup at the Specialty Coffee Convention in Boston.  Sean placed 3rd in the entire country with a very special coffee from Colombia, a gesha varietal from the Las Margaritas farm, which he visited in January.  It’s so exciting to work with wonderful people who believe in the same things you do.  I feel like a proud mom. Here’s Sean pictured with the farmers who grew his coffee.

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 10.43.07 AM

Looking forward to…

My best’s baby shower.  She is pregnant with her first little bundle of joy, a girl.  Next weekend I’ll be traveling back to a place that I have called home for 3 1/2 years of my life. I can’t wait to celebrate and also see many of the people that I care so deeply about.


monday morning :: morning person

I’ve been trying to establish a ‘new normal’ (whatever that means).

This, in conjunction with the promise of Spring (even though Nashville still seems to be on winter’s side) had led me to crave more alone time, especially in the morning.


I have forced myself to become a morning person.  I always loved the idea of getting up early, having time to get the day going, so I faked it until I made it through the groggy-eyed 7am (or before) wake ups.  However, the winter makes it very hard for me to get along with life before 7am.  This is why the warmer weather and sunny early mornings can’t come soon enough.  I feel this electric energy when I wake up just as the sun is.  There’s something wonderful about joining the sun as it peeks out from behind it’s blanket of horizon.

Wake up early. Actually see the sunrise.  You’ll be hooked.

Read. Make coffee. Just sit outside and listen and breathe. 


This week I challenge you to wake up with the sun.  You’ll see what I mean.

monday morning :: smoothies

Even though winter seems to be lasting a LIFETIME here in Nashville, I can finally feel some relief from the cold.

Recently, since the weather is beginning to feel a bit warmer, I’ve been making smoothies in the mornings.  It’s a great way to get some fruits, (good) fats, and proteins in to start your day.

Usually, they don’t fill me up, but I’ve been doctoring them up so it feels more like a full meal. Cook up a few eggs and you’ve got yoruself a nice little breakfast.

Picture 3

Most of the time, It’s just guess work for me. But, for your sake, I’ll try to put some measurements to it…

In a blender:

1/4 c. frozen berries

1/4 c. plain or greek yogurt (preferrably full fat)

1/2 avocado

1/2 banana

2 T. protein powder of your choice (I use brown rice protein powder)

enough orange juice to just cover everything

Using the full fat yogurt and the avocado add just enough good fat to help fill you up. Also, using the frozen berries eliminates the need to use ice cubes.

Try it one morning this week!