tattoo :: poem script

My tattoos are getting more and more frequent as of late. I’m obsessed and can’t seem to stop.


While this one wasn’t really planned and I did it almost on a whim, it really does mean a lot. It signifies a turning point in my life. Ever since I moved back to Nashville in the beginning of September, life has done a complete 180, for the better. I’ve been brought into a great community, an amazing church, and found myself all over again. A certain song lyric (I like to think of it as a poem though since it’s not accompanied by music in this form) has really stuck out to me recently, even over the past year when things were a bit difficult.

It’s from a song written by Brooke Fraser called ‘Like Incense’. The script reads:

still my
anxious urge
toward rebellion
let love keep
my will
upon its knees

I wanted it to look handwritten and thought about actually writing it myself. But, my writing was just a bit too messy for what I wanted it to look like so, I found a font that looked a little bit like my own script writing. I really like how it looks, I truly do think it looks beautiful. I always thought I would never get a tattoo anywhere but on my arms but, as soon as I had this idea for these lyrics, I knew it had to be on my chest.

I also have ideas for at least, like, 3 more tattoos. Yeah, this is going to be a lifelong love affair with getting inked.




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