monday morning :: smoothies

Even though winter seems to be lasting a LIFETIME here in Nashville, I can finally feel some relief from the cold.

Recently, since the weather is beginning to feel a bit warmer, I’ve been making smoothies in the mornings. ย It’s a great way to get some fruits, (good) fats, and proteins in to start your day.

Usually, they don’t fill me up, but I’ve been doctoring them up so it feels more like a full meal. Cook up a few eggs and you’ve got yoruself a nice little breakfast.

Picture 3

Most of the time, It’s just guess work for me. But, for your sake, I’ll try to put some measurements to it…

In a blender:

1/4 c. frozen berries

1/4 c. plain or greek yogurt (preferrably full fat)

1/2 avocado

1/2 banana

2 T. protein powder of your choice (I use brown rice protein powder)

enough orange juice to just cover everything

Using the full fat yogurt and the avocado add just enough good fat to help fill you up. Also, using the frozen berries eliminates the need to use ice cubes.

Try it one morning this week!


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