monday morning :: morning person

I’ve been trying to establish a ‘new normal’ (whatever that means).

This, in conjunction with the promise of Spring (even though Nashville still seems to be on winter’s side) had led me to crave more alone time, especially in the morning.


I have forced myself to become a morning person.  I always loved the idea of getting up early, having time to get the day going, so I faked it until I made it through the groggy-eyed 7am (or before) wake ups.  However, the winter makes it very hard for me to get along with life before 7am.  This is why the warmer weather and sunny early mornings can’t come soon enough.  I feel this electric energy when I wake up just as the sun is.  There’s something wonderful about joining the sun as it peeks out from behind it’s blanket of horizon.

Wake up early. Actually see the sunrise.  You’ll be hooked.

Read. Make coffee. Just sit outside and listen and breathe. 


This week I challenge you to wake up with the sun.  You’ll see what I mean.

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