water, land, sky :: tattoo

Obviously by now, you’ve seen my newest (and biggest/most colorful) tattoo.  It was a huge jump to get my entire forearm covered in ink, but it has been in the works for over a year.

It is based off of a picture I found on the internet but I changed it around a bit and Ian (at Safe House Tattoos) is an amazing artist and made it look even more amazing than I could have ever imagined.


People always ask me what this one means and it just has about a million things it could mean to me, so it’s hard to put in a sentence explanation in the moment.  But, I wanted to flesh it out, mostly selfishly for myself…

I love the way it incorporates aspects of water, earth, and air.  Everything is so connected and depends so heavily on the other, I love that my tattoo does the same.

Also, it has a spiritual aspect (of course…)

The anchor represents God, who keeps me grounded, who is responsible for everything in my life.  The compass represents Jesus, who walks with me and directs me daily.  The rope that intertwines throughout is the Holy Spirit, weaving its way through all parts of my life.  Lastly, the bird is me, a free spirit always desperately straining towards something new and exciting, yet still being connected to my anchor.


Also, I may be slightly obsessed with travel and every time I look at the compass, I can’t help but think about everywhere but here. Travel also quickly becoming a theme that find itself into most of my tattoos.

Five tats and counting…


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