how cheeseburgers made me healthy

I feel the healthiest I ever have in my life and I eat a cheeseburger at least once a week.

Ever since I started really taking care of my health about 3 years ago, it’s been a learning process of how to maintain a “healthy healthiness”. I’ve gone through so many stages of healthy eating and exercise desperately trying to find a balance that worked for my lifestyle.  Different recipes have worked for different times in my life, but I’ve found a new balance that feels like a totally different kind of healthy. I feel balanced.

Growing up participating in sports, taking honors classes in school, being involved church youth groups, and being a sister and daughter, I have never really known a life free of balance and time management.  It’s not something that is new for me, but I continue to learn how to actually make this balance meaningful and healthy.

The past few months have felt very stagnant. I had been craving change but not quite sure how to carry it out.  I didn’t want to change anything drastic like my job, my city, or my boyfriend (so don’t you worry, Luke), so I felt at a loss on how to make life feel like it had variety.

I’m not quite sure how it actually happened, but before I knew it, I found that groove again. I honestly think it had a lot to do with the cooler weather.  Running didn’t feel so deathly as it did in the 90 degree heat. I found ways to switch up roles in my job. I started eating meat at home again. All of these seemingly unrelated changes helped to regain the balance I once had.

This time, I’m not stressed out about eating 100% organic. I don’t feel like I have to run 8 miles a day, but I can if I’m feeling up to it. I am learning how my brain and body need to relax. I eat things I really enjoy, like cheeseburgers, and I don’t feel the least bit weird about it.

Cheeseburgers taught me that I can enjoy things and not feel guilty about them. Because, let’s be honest, cheeseburgers are, like, really good.

Even though I don’t maintain a strict diet and don’t exercise 5 days a week, my body still does feel really good. I haven’t gained any weight or felt gross. I think the difference this time is a healthy spirit and mind. I have mostly lost my guilt associated with eating and exercising and I do what I enjoy. Because of this, my body is happy!

Now, don’t take this to mean that I don’t eat vegetables or exercise anymore. I strongly believe that balanced meals and some exercise are necessary to becoming a truly healthy person. For me, it just means letting go of my perfectionism in this area of my life and letting myself live and be happy. Because I really love food, and it’s no use trying to deny myself cheeseburgers, right?



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