25 before 26, an update

Well, guys, it’s official: half of my 25th year of life has already disappeared.  It’s been quite a weird year, but it keeps me on my toes for sure. And weird most definitely does not mean bad

A lot of my goals aren’t really “one and done”, most are continuing things throughout the year, a change a lifestyle more like. But, here’s where I’m at:


1. Well, I’ve had a lot of unexpected expenses come up with my car so it’s been a little hard to actually add to my savings, but at least I’m not in the hole with money, right?!

2. I ran my first one in April in Nashville and I’m running another one in October in Kansas City (and also visiting some lovely friends, Sam and Calin).  Just like tattoos, races are addicting!  (Side note: why do I enjoy putting myself in pain? haha)

3. Well, I’ve had a lot of lovely cocktails this year (courtesy of Holland House and Rolf & Daughters mostly) but haven’t really learned much about making them or anything. It just seems like so much to even wrap my head around.

4. Well, because you are reading this, you know that I launched my new blog, ‘Almost Overnight”!

5. I have plans in the works to make croissants with 2 co-workers but we haven’t made it happen yet.

6. Well, TECHNICALLY we really didn’t actually backpack because all the bakcountry sites were taken but we camped out the night before and carried backpacks on a 19 mile hike.  Also, somehow managed to hike 45 miles the week I was there.  It was absolute bliss.

7. Yeah, haven’t even started and probabaly won’t.  This was probably too lofty a goal.

8. I have been doing A LOT better job cooking at home recently.  I’ve hit my cooking stride again and I try to make a new recipe every week.

9. I have really taken this one to heart.  I have been taking in all my wonderful city has to offer in full swing.  I feel like I’ve seen and explored new parts of town, I’ve been trying out new things and just really enjoying being a 25 year old in this city!

10. Well, this has been on my list 2 years in a row.  I actually have all the equipment that my Dad handed over to me from his beer brewing days.  I just need the actual ingredients to make the beer.  It’s just a project I have yet to undertake.  Perhaps soon.

11. I feel like I am decently consistant with blogging (minus my little much needed hiatus).  I just never want to dread blogging, ya know?

12. I’ve been working to try to plan out weeks and days better.  Sometimes it works, other times, I feel like I just waste weeks. But, so goes living my life, right? I try not to be so hard on myself.

13. A recently developed hobby for me in yoga.  I’ve really kind of fallen in lvoe with it. I’ve gone to a couple classes and really love it and also do some at home.  It’s a great way to stretch and relax and also strength and tone.  I feel healthier because I take the time to listen to my body.

14. I have been writing to Prossy almost every month.  I may have missed one in there but, overall, it’s been fun to write to her more consistently.

15. I haven’t really made macarons as often as I would like. I desperatly need a hand mixer because hand beating the egg whites is quite the task.

16. I have been absolutely terrible about carrying my camera around. It’s just that I have this nice little camera on my phone that is so small and it’s just hard to want to carry around a bulky DSLR. First world problems right?

17. I took the loveliest little solo trip to a little inn in the Smoky Mountains and it was one of the best things I have done for myself ever.  I reccommend it to anyone, especially at the dearest little Buckhorn Inn in Gatlinburg, TN.

18. I have really been working on getting all the stuff that’s crammed into my head out on paper, to process through life.  I started a tumblr: FOUNDED. where I share some of my writings.

19. I haven’t made these yet, but still want to!

20. Kombucha hasn’t happened yet either.  Once I get my hands on a mother culture, it’ll be simple, I just haven’t been motivated enough to make that happen yet.

21. I went to the Grand Ole Opry with my parents when they were in town and got to see Charlie Daniels.  It was a wonderful time and I would definitely go back again. Have I mentioned that I’m perhaps falling in love with country music? whoops…..)

22. I have a few cookbooks and a bunch of recipes written on random scraps of paper and bookmarked online, but haven’t managed to be able to get them all together.

23. I really have been bad about coffee news.  I learn everything I know about coffee from my lovely co-workers at CREMA and that’s good enough for me!

24. I have been listening to NPR on my car radio lately and have been feeling much more informed about the world and what’s going on.  Plus, NPR is just a great station.

25. Learning to be free is, like the theme of my 25th year of life FOR REAL.


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