outfit post // take it easy

I go through such fluctuations in my life. For a month or two, I’ll be completely content to spend much of my time at home, reading, writing, catching my soul up on life.  Then, some event will change that into an whirlwind of busy where my apartment becomes nothing but a place for sleeping.  It’s at those time when I start to feel a bit insecure. I start worrying too much about defining myself in the happiness of others.  When I realize this, I tend back towards the quiet evenings alone to focus.

Right now, I’m in the transition between these two states, constantly being torn on whether I should worry about distracting myself with friends and busyness or to just take it easy.  Through all of this, I’m learning where some insecurities lie within myself and am trying to remedy those to get to a healthy mind space.

I’m a big proponent of self reflection and improvement (wow, that sounds like I’m some crazed motivational speaker).  I’m a perfectionist and I try to deal with that through the self refection, hoping it will be a kind of solution to it.

So, this outfit; easy, like the summer evenings.


top::thrifted//shorts::vintage levi’s//flats::target






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