monday morning // thoughts on writing

Writing is something that has been a recent development in the importance of my life.  Despite going through the “gifted and talented” english classes all throughout my schooling, wirting was something that I always felt forced to do.  There were too many rules.  Everything had to be formatted just so and I found it more of a chore than life giving.

During my first trip out of the country, on a missions trip to Bosnia, I bought a journal to chronicle my experiences.  I knew I would want to recall what I was feeling and experiencing as it happened.  It was the first real journal I had ever kept.  And the first time that I felt writing wasn’t a complete dread.

Then, when I started college, I decided that it was an important time in my life, I felt a time of change impending, thus the journaling started again.  And this time, it didn’t stop.  I’ve kept journals consistantly for the past 7 years.  And so, begins my love of writing.

I started a blog to further extend my writing realm.  It’s definitely a different type of writing, but still something that I found myself wanting to do.  2 1/2 years later, here I am, still going at it.

In the past year and a half, I’ve also started to challenge myself to write little stories, poems, or even just carefully worded sentences.  To make writing more of an art for myself than just a way to work out what was trapped inside my head.  This type of writing is hard, but I’m mostly proud of what I’ve done.

All this to say, I believe writing has allowed me to grow in ways that I haven’t really fathomed yet.  I truly believe there is a type of writing that suits everybody.  It might be journaling.  It might be writing out little paragraphs of thoughts.  It might be Twitter (definitely one of my favorite ways to write…shameless self Twitter plug @jae_mae)

So, yes, it takes some time to get into whatever your writing groove is, and it’s takes a little bit of hard work, but it’s so rewarding when your find it.

So, get out there kid, write.


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