wanderlust wednesday // airfare watchdog

Guys, we’re close, right?  I’m going to let you in on a little secret to some cheap airfare.  It’ll make your travel bug all the more worse.  Sorry I’m not not sorry.


It’s wonderful. They do all the hard work for you.  Scouring the internet for cheap flights both nationally and internationally.

The only catch is that the cheap flights usually sell out quickly. So, if you see one that you want, you better act instantly because most likely the next time you check, it will be gone.  Also, especially for international flights, the deals are for late fall, usually October or November.  So, if your travel dates are flexible, and you are the implusive buyer type, then it’s literally perfect!

You can also set up email alerts for deals from certain cities.  They don’t heavily advertise for all the cheap flights, especially from smaller cities (like Nashville), but there’s still great deals out there.

They also have a Twitter feed where they post most of their biggest deals. (@airfarewatchdog)

It’s ridiculously awesome. You can thank me later for sharing a lovely little secret with you.


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