wanderlust wednesday // jack daniel’s distillery + lynchburg, TN

As you can probably tell, I am STRUGGLING for Wanderlust posts.  It’s been a but of a dry spell as far as traveling goes, and I’m pretty much dying over here, but I’m trying to make do with little day trips posts like this one.


The Jack Daniel’s distillery is about 90 minutes away from Nashville in the small town of Lynchburg, TN, which also happens to be in a dry county.  So, absolutely no alcohol is sold in Moore County, yet Jack Daniel’s is the number one selling whiskey in the world.  Ironic.

The grounds of the distillery are beautiful and spread out so it kind of feels like a campus.


We took a  tour of the grounds and learned about Jack makes his whiskey, which apparantly they use the same recipe as he did way back when he started in the 1800s. We’ll SEE. (Actually, no, I will never really know.)

They burn wood to make charcoal that the whiskey is mellowed through.  When it’s twice mellowed, it has a smoother taste, and they call it Gentleman Jack.


I learned a lot about the process of making whiskey and also smelled some pretty foul smells that happen when whiksey is made. But, all in all, it’s worth going once Also, they just started doing tours with tastings afterward, and it’s definitely worth it.

We also spent a bit of time in the very small town square of Lynchburg.  Small town, USA if I ever saw it. But, all the more endearing. We ate pizza at a cafe called Southern Perks and looked out onto the small town square feeling very ‘American’ if I do say so myself.


Basically, there were about 3 restaurants and a zillion Jack Daniel’s souviner shops. Bless it all.


So, all in all, it’s worth the trip once. But, really only once, because nobody really needs to go twice.



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