finding nature :: outfit post

I share a 600 square foot apartment. It’s small, but it’s perfect for my life right now.  One of the only hesitancies about moving into an apartment was the lack of nature and space to move around.  I absolutely need nature to feel at home, at peace.  But thankfully I knew myself all too well and magically moved right across the street from Ellington Agricultural Center.

It’s a breath of nature for me, 207 acres to be exact.  Horses are often out in the pastures, there’s a few short trails next to Sevenmile Creek, and a little gazebo and flower garden. Being a country girl at heart, seeing the space and the occasional tractor up on the hill in Ellington makes me feel right at home.  I spend a decent amount of time in this little haven.

So, of course, I had to take my camera set up out here and do some outfit photos next to this beautifully spring blooming tree. My dress almost sickeningly matches the surroundings. Whatever… YOLO, ya know?


dress::sugarlips apparel//sandals::market in barcelona//sunnies:: SEE
There’s this deep ache in my soul for both nature and city.
The peaceful lull of the hills and rivers draws me outward,
Enticing a relaxation I hardly ever attain.
Then, there’s this jealous unrest rising up from the city,
Luring me back inward,
Boasting of its mystery and raw potential of possibility.
(yeah, I wrote that…)

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