wanderlust wednesday :: leiper’s fork, tennessee

I took my own advice.  I got out of town. (See how to fight the travel bug)

Leiper’s Fork is a perfect afternoon getaway from Nashville.

I’ve spent about 4 years of my life here and hadn’t managed to find the time to get down to Leiper’s Fork, a little community southwest of Franklin.  And when I say little, it’s just about a block’s worth of buildings. Just a tiny town surrounded my farms and tucked in the Tennessee hills.  All the while, driving down, I just couldn’t stop gushing about being in the country.  Something comes alive in me when I place myself in supposed “nothingness”.

We mostly just walked about and basked in the sunshine of early spring.  It was wonderful.


Pretty much the entirety of Leiper’s Fork


One of my favorite things here was that almost every shop had a fire pit and chairs right outside the door.  A town after my own heart.


We ate at a southern style diner and gorged ourselves on breakfast.  My entire plate was full of starches and one white-yellow-ish color.  I paid for this decision later…


Also, gracing presence of Leiper’s Fork is Berlin Home Goods.  I stumbled into this craft filled shop and was immediately in love.  A perfect mix of put together and kitschy, they make about half of what they sell in the store and the other half are thoughtful things to fill your home with. They do really neat custom wire chandeliers.  I found myself wandering the small shop for a while and not even feeling like a moment passed. Plus, really wonderful people own and run it.  Stop by there and say hi!  Also, they ship their goods, so if you aren’t in the Nashville area, you are still in luck!




The scenery isn’t bad either…



And what would a perfect Tennessee spring day be without ice cream from a quaint country market?


IMG_2709God bless America.



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