learning to grow :: outfit post

I’m learning to grow into my short hair.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it looks terrible and I’m not freaking out over chopping all my hair off again.  It’s just a weird feeling.  I think short hair can be very feminine and chic and all that.  But, there’s something about girl hair that makes me feel not “girl pretty”.  I know that sounds ridiculous, but it’s a constant thought in my mind. I just don’t have hair to make me feel really girly.  Take that along with the fact that I’ve been wear jeans, boots, and button ups (read: what every GUY in Nashville wears) constantly and you get me not feeling very girly.

This is where outfit photos can help my self confidence.  After I took these photos, I just felt better about my short hair.  I had on a skirt, my hair has grown out just a bit and everything seemed to be back to “normal”, whatever that really means.

So regardless of how you feel about me taking photos of myself, I don’t care. Sometimes, I just need to do it for me.








Here’s to the journey of loving myself, because that seems to be pretty hard for me…


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