wanderlust wednesday :: how to fight the travel bug

If you’ve traveled anywhere, anytime, at least once, you get it.  You realize that life isn’t complete without the experiences you find in different places, whether in your own country or abroad.

I find that I catch the travel bug every day, but it gets really intense when I haven’t traveled anywhere in 3 or 4 months.  I’m not saying I’m taking huge international trips every 3 months, but I do love to experience things like new cities or state parks within a day’s trip distance at least this often.  Once you catch the bug, the ONLY cure is escaping.

But, I wanted to share a few things that help lessen the severity of the worst kind of illness in my opinion, the travel bug.

1. Visit a part of town or eat a new restaurant.  Whenever I need to feel like I’m not in Nashville, I go explore a neighborhood that is still new to me.  It gives me a pseudo new city feeling. Try a restaurant that you’ve been wanting to go, but haven’t found time yet. Maybe even something a little more expensive than you are used to. Experiencing new food always imitates the experiences I get when I’m traveling.


2. Plan a small themed get together.  Make Spanish tapas and listen to flamenco music. Watch a French film and eat macarons. Drink Irish breakfast tea and make scones.


3. Escape to nature.  No matter where you live, I bet you can find some sort of local park or nature area.  I love to escape to Radnor Lake (only 3 miles from my house) and go on a hike or sit and soak in the relaxation. Simply by letting myself be surrounded by a different environment, I find myself being exhilirated.


4. Read a novel. Preferably one about travel. Some of my favorites are ‘On The Road’ and ‘The Sun Also Rises’.  Reading takes me into another world where I feel like I’m experiencing what the characters are and if the characters are traveling, I feel like I’m traveling.

Picture 1

5. Start saving for/thinking about your next trip.  The best way to deal with the urge to travel? Travel of course!  Start setting some money aside each month for your next trip, whether large or small.  Then, start making a list of places, both near and far that you could potentially see yourself traveling in the next year along with an approximation of how much the trip should cost. That way, you can have a goal for the money you’re saving.


Hopefully these little tricks will help you (temporarily) fight your travel bug.  This is, only until the next time you get outta town.


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