24 before 25 :: the results

The results, a month late (whoops!)


I’m really proud of how much of my list I accomplished this past year.  It was quite a weird year, so it was really good for me to have some personal goals to keep me going.
1. While I didn’t dye my hair a crazy color, I did chop it all off!
2. I read many more than 3, and started doing the What She Read feature. I haven’t stopped 🙂
3. Yeah, didn’t really budget at all.  I’m not THAT grown up yet…
4. I taught a home brew methods class at my old job at Greyhouse!
5. I saw SO MANY great shows at the Newport Folk Fest (First Aid Kit, Alabama Shakes, Spirit Family Reunion, Punch Brothers, The Head and The Heart…. I could go on all day…)
6. Nope, but that’s ok
7. I ran a 10k in Franklin, TN in October and actually got first place in my age division… crazy.
8. I wrote a few, but not as much as I would have liked.
9. Because I traveled to France last May, I did learn some very basic French to be able to barely communicate while I was in country.  It’s a great language and I would love to learn more.
10. I definitely did this and still am doing this. The biggest accomplishment being transferring everything over to Typepad!
11. I got to see both Connecticut and Rhode Island.
12. With my now currently retired “Music Monday” feature, I pushed myself to discover a ton of new music.  I came to realize that I love a ridiculous amount of different kinds of music.
13. I had the opportunity to see 4 countries last year (Nethelands, Spain, France, and Turkey).  It was utterly wonderful and I can’t wait to see more.
14. Nope, first I have to save up the money to buy it…
15. I actually got 2 new tattoos! This one and one I haven’t shared with you all on here yet.
16. I was really good at this at the beginning of last year.  My old roommate and I would try to invite people over once a week to cook for them.
17. Yes!  I tried so many new recipes and got so much better at cooking.  I like to think of myself as more of a baker, but I also love cooking.
18. I read Scott Rao’s book, The Professional Barista Handbook, plus I started working at CREMA and learned a rididculous amount more about coffee.
19. Haven’t done this yet, I have plans for this upcoming year though!
20. I have, to date, bought 3 pairs that actually fit me.  It’s quite a wonderful feeling.  Spoiler alert, you do have to spend money for it.
21. This was just kind of a random one…
22. I made a few new really great friends this past year!
23. I started off really strong doing a little study of memorizing scripture, but it kinda trailed off halfway through the year.
24. I definitely have continued to realize my “dream” or just what makes me happy and what life is all about.  It’s a life long process 🙂

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