settle down :: outfit post

The times the are a-changing.

I feel like I am coming into a season of change.  I’m slowly transitioning into a time of feeling settled.  Ever since I left my parent’s house when I was 18, I have never felt truly settled down.  Every section of my life had an ending point, and I just felt like I was working towards that ending point and not really living in the moment.  I was passing up daily joys working toward something that didn’t really amount to anything.  But, a wonderful thing about the stage of life I am in now is that there is no definite end to anything in my life.  I feel free to love each day a lot better and I am a lot less anxious.  It’s completely freeing.  Along with this freedom, comes feeling settled.  Nashville is my home for the next indefinite amount of years so I feel like I’m finally alright “settling down” (whatever that means to a single 20-something).  That thought doesn’t scare me nearly at all anymore.

Almost Overnight, I feel like this feeling just came over me…



shirt-macy’s//short-skort-skirt type thing-anthropologie//boots-blowfish

6a0133f5e38810970b017c371e0654970b-800wi 6a0133f5e38810970b017d414d53a5970c-800wi 6a0133f5e38810970b017ee8c12061970d-800wi

settle down and enjoy it


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