wanderlust wednesday :: here & there vol. 1

I was looking through a bunch of old travel photos the other day and realizing small similarities different countries and cities.  This gave me the idea to share side by side photos that look like they could’ve come from the same place, yet come from 2 completely different places.

I love finding similarities between different cities and places.  It makes me feel like the world is a lot smaller than I think, and we are more similar than we think.  I love finding little bits of places all over the world.

For this first one, I’ll focus on New Orleans, because it’s where the idea for these posts started formulating.

New Orleans & Paris.

This one is kind of obvious because New Orleans has the French Quarter so this one kind of set itself up. But, nontheless, it’s cool to see it side by side.  The skinny, flatter front of a building with balconies.


IMG_2483French Quarter, New Orleans

IMG_7117Ile de la Cite, Paris

New Orleans & Barcelona.

The narrow streets and wrought iron balconies are to die for.

IMG_2449French Quarter, New Orleans

IMG_6326Barrio Gotico, Barcelona, Spain

Plants, iron balconies, and beautiful bulidings.

IMG_2315French Quarter, New Orleans

IMG_6337Barrio Gotico, Barcelona, Spain

It’s a small world after all…


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