wanderlust wedensday :: selcuk and ephesus, turkey

The last installment from my trip to Turkey (yeah, I sure dragged that out right??).

I can safely venture to say that Selcuk was my favorite little town that we stayed in.  It felt the most homely and still had so much to offer. We also had an extra day here to just relax before our trip home, which made it feel so much more relaxed.


The ancient city of Ephesus is located in Selcuk.  It was one of the most amazing places I have ever been.  Standing in a city that was thriving 2000 years ago was indescribable. A city that a whole book of the Bible was written to. I couldn’t even really listen to our tour guide walking us through the ruins, I was just too in awe of my surroundings.



…House of Virgin Mary…

This is the last house that Mary lived in before her death.  I was literally standing in the place where the mother of Jesus lived.  INSANITY.


…Basilica of St. John…

The church of John, you know that guy who wrote the book of John and Revelation?  His tomb is also on the property as well as a really well preserved ancient baptismal.



…Pagan Temple of Artemis…

This is one of the wonders of the ancient world.  The only thing that remains is one pillar.  This photo also contains the buildings of 3 different religions; Christian church of St. John, a Muslim mosque, and a pagan temple.  Now, that just blows my mind.

…Around town…

We spent plenty of time wandering the street of Selcuk.  It was small enough for us to basically figure our way around in the short time we were there.


We also were lucky enough to be there on a Saturday, when their huge street market takes place.  We stocked up on bread, fruits, and wine which we then took to the beach for a picnic!


Selcuk is only about 3 miles from the beach, so of course we took advantage of the 70 degree weather in November and spent the afternoon relaxing with the mountains as a backdrop for the beach.


We stayed at a lovely hostel called Boomerang Guest House.  It was a completely lovely place with a rooftop terrace and breakfast included.  There was also a restaurant attached with a garden like feel and really great food.   It was also very close to most everything in town. So basically a win on all fronts!



There was a park with a little pond and a cafe right across the street from the hostel.  It was a lovely place to read, journal, and drink coffee and tea, which is exactly what we did.

A wonderful restaurant that was recommended to us was Ejder Restaurant, with their famous kebabs.  It was out last meal in Turkey and was certainly a good one!

Did I mention that the people here were also some of the most lovely that we met in the country?  Well, they were, and it was fabulous.
What a wonderful little Turkish town!

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