wanderlust wednesday :: the culture of istanbul, turkey


Istanbul obviously has a lot more to offer than mosques and palaces and bazaars. The culture and the people there are absolutely phenomenal.  We met so many genuine and lovely people and had the most amazing food.  Turkey’s food is absolutely wonderful, and food is one of my most favorite ways to experience new places.  In this edition of Wanderlust Wednesday, let’s experience the wonderful culture of Istanbul…

…the eats…

Let’s not pretend that you all don’t know that I absolutely love food, especially experiencing different cultures through food.  Istanbul had it’s fair share of good food (But, just wait until  you hear about the food in the other places we visited).  The only thing about Istanbul is that it’s (relatively) expensive, just like any other big city.  We still enjoyed everything we ate though.

IMG_0986What breakfast looked like almost every morning.

IMG_1203Appetizer sampler: Looks questionable, tasted wonderful.

IMG_1352Pide, Turkish pizza.  One of my favorite things.  All the toppings are wrapped up inside.

IMG_1195A cozy little cafe connected to a hotel, Cafe Kybele.  It was one of my favorite little spots in Istanbul.  We just happened upon it while exploring the city one afternoon.

IMG_2875We met the owner and found ourselves up in a magical little attic space filled with antiques and textiles.

IMG_1378Sultanahmet Koftecisi, this restaurant was right near the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque and had really great, affordable traditional food.  It’s a great place to grab lunch while visiting the mosques.

…the people…

I’m usually pretty bad at taking photos of people, mostly because I’m just not very good at it.  So this trip, I tried to capture some of the faces of Turkey.  I believe that, more than anything, can capture the true heart of city.

IMG_1333Filing out of a mosque after one of the 5 daily prayers.

IMG_1336Freshly squeezed pomegranate juice from a street cart. One of my favorite photos.

IMG_1364Feeding the birds in front of Istanbul University.

IMG_1375A precious old man and his chestnut street cart.

IMG_1321Pink scarved girls visiting the Hagia Sophia.

…the streets…

Simply walking about Istanbul, there is plenty to see.  Narrow cobblestone alleyways to open spaces between huge mosques, this city constantly kept me surprised at every turn.  A favorite thing to do while exploring is simply that, to explore, to wander and walk about the city, to see as much on foot as I can.



Isn’t it just the most wonderful of cities?


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