wanderlust wednesday :: cappodocia, turkey

I mean, what an extraordinary place in this world, in every aspect of that word. I was completely blown away with every sight.

Cappodocia is a region in central Turkey. It is full of absolutely gorgeous rock formations, caves, and very early history. You really need a couple days and a guided tour to see everything. And believe me, you want to see everything. We booked ours through Jasminne Tour, a company out of Istanbul and we loved it.

…the views&sights…


IMG_1534Cavusin, an old Christian cave city

IMG_1604Pigeon Valley, because the area is riddled with pigeon holes

IMG_1700Fairy Chimneys

IMG_1798Goreme Open Air Museum

IMG_1787Cave church at Goreme, with secos on the cave walls

IMG_1816Stunning. Breathtaking.

…village of urgup…

We stayed in the little village of Urgup at a wonderful little hotel called Cappodocia Palace. The staff was so friendly and helpful. We would sit and chat with them in the evenings while drinking tea and planning out the days ahead. I definitely would recommend it!

IMG_1633A little plaza inside the hotel

IMG_1878Streets of Urgup at night

IMG_1881Plaza in the city centre


Picture 1You are looking at the absolute best food we had. It was a a restaurant called Sofra Restaurant. It may not look very “pretty” but it was absolutely amazing and affordable. You MUST go here if you visit Cappodocia. Top left: homemade Turkish ravioli, top right: lamb kebap, bottom left: lamb shish roll up, bottom right: Sofra, a porridge of lamb, spices, and vegetables.

IMG_1749We also ate at Uranos Sarikaya, a restaurant in the cave of a mountain in Goreme. We had a lovely 3 course meal and talked by the perfectly dimly lit light. Such a warm and lovely atmosphere.

IMG_1728Lastly, one of my favorite things from the whole trip. Hot mulled wine while walking amongst the Fairy Chimneys. Cappodocia is known for their wine. Their climate is perfect for vineyards, and we had some very great dry red wines. It was rather chilly, which we weren’t expecting, and this wine, warmed in a clay pot was exactly what we needed. It was heavenly.


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