two thousand and twelve in review

My life is a journey, an exploration of the things that make me feel alive.  Each year, it’s so wonderful to look back and see the adventures that I got to be a part of.  Whether at home or thousands of miles away, each experience allowed me to enjoy what I’ve been given.  Don’t waste your life, k?


I did my first major blog overhaul.  I learned a bit of CSS and played around with the look.  It’s changed at least 5 times since then and I’m hoping to continue to improve!   Other than that, January was kind of a quiet month, besides a few trips to Indianapolis.  I also decided to get my life back on the healthy track.  I started exercising, eating better, and making my life more natural and simple.

Picture 3


I turned 24 and had one of the most lovely parties.  My dearest friend Sara, hosted at her and her husbands farm out in the country.  It was unusually warm for the beginning of February.  We got to explore outside and even got to race barefoot down a gravel road.  Perfection.

Picture 2

I also traveled to Nashville with some Indiana friends and got to show them around a city I love. Oh, and I also shaved a small part of my head, which got bigger and bigger as the year went on… 🙂



I went to Chicago with some lovely friends from work to see them compete in the Big Central Barista Competition.  We got to meet up with other coffee geeks and gush about specialty coffee.  I just love spending time in Chicago and exploring new parts of this wonderful city.




This month, I traveled to Portland, OR with a few people from Greyhouse.  We went for the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) Event and Conference.  Portland is probably tied for second favorite city in the world.  I just really love the Pacific Northwest and the culture and feel of this city.  I fell even more in love after spending 5 days there.  Plus, we had some amazing food and of course, coffee.


I got to see Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Paris on my second solo trip overseas.  It was an indescribable experience and made me fall even more in love with traveling, as if I needed that.


June was kind of a quiet month, but it was just what I needed.  There was a lot of back porch breakfasts, reading novels, and shopping at the farmer’s market; just what a summer should be. Oh, and another trip to Nashville to spend some time at a lake house with some friends… (whoops)

Picture 2



I took a mini road trip with Sara to Newport, RI for the Newport Folk Festival.  We also go tot stop in NYC and visit our dear friend, Jason.  The festival and the little New England town were both lovely.  It was my first time in “real” New England and I loved it.  I got to see so many of my most favorite people play the the Folk fest.

IMG_9895Flat Iron Building in NYC

IMG_0025Newport Bridge


I had the wonderful opportunity to see Bob Dylan play live.  Now, I was prepared for it not to sound awesome, and it really didn’t.  His voice has really seen better days, but it was such an honor to see him play.  Even, if every song sounded almost exactly the same 😉


I also threw a 25th birthday party for my Sara Jean along with her husband.  We had it out on their farm and it was just a wonderful late summer event.  It was also great to spend time with people I loved before the next major event in my life…



In a whirlwind of events, I moved and said goodbye to West Lafayette and hello to Nashville once again.  I’m so very thankful for the community of friends I have in both of these places.


We also celebrated Heather’s birthday on a wonderful warm afternoon at Arrington Vineyards. Such beautiful times and beautiful friends.



Out on the road again, I headed south for a short little trip to Charleston, SC just because we could.  We had an absolutely amazing time. So much laughing, talking, and enjoying each other’s presence. And, oh my, what a beautiful little southern town. *swoon*



I also ran my first 10k race (since becoming a huge fan of running) and visited the most beautiful of waterfalls (Burgess Falls) right here in Tennessee.

Picture 2



The travel bug strikes again and this time, Turkey was the culprit.  I am so convinced that Turkey is one of the most brilliant countries on out earth.  There’s just so much to see and eat and love about it!
IMG_0992 IMG_1593 IMG_2002


I got to attend some of the loveliest parties this month, whether for the holidays or birthdays.  It reminded me that I have so many lovely people surrounding me and I musn’t take it for granted. (And daaaang, don’t I have some attractive friends??)
481625_575982256836_451367367_n Christmas Ball 86_1355436634628 Picture 2
Can’t wait to see just how amazing 2013 is going to be.  Aw shucks, life is pretty great isn’t it?

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