travel journal (selçuk :: day 7)

Our final full day in Turkey. Tomorrow is a series of drives and flights starting in Selçuk, Turkey and ending in Nashville, TN sometime before 2pm on Monday so I can make it to work.

It’s gone by fast but at the same time, I feel as if I’ve been here for weeks. What a wonder travel is. I’ve actually grown quite accustomed to the Turkish lifestyle and it will be a pity to leave but, I will also be happy to get back to my wonderful city of Nashville.

So, at various times on this trip, people have asked (before I even speak sometimes) if I am 1. Italian 2. French 3. Spanish 4. German and even 5. Turkish (which actually would be the closet to correct, since I am Croatian, well mostly…). But, still it’s insane. I guess I really don’t look American at all, whatever that really means anyways. It’s a fun game to try and see how many different countries I get.

Today was such a lovely and relaxing day. We ate breakfast at the hostel. We were told that it would be served around 830. So, knowing Heidi and me, we were there right at 830 knocking in te locked door of the upper terrace. After a minute, one of the guys unlocked the door and we realized we had woken him up. He was sleeping up there… So weird. But, he cooked us a wonderful hot breakfast nonetheless.

Evey Saturday, there’s a huge farmer’s market type thing in Selçuk. It was so big, especially for the size of the town. Just loads of so many different fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and gadgets. So, we wandered the market and bought wonderful fresh fruit, bread, figs, nuts, and wine for a picnic lunch on the beach.

Then, we grabbed a shuttle to Pamaçuk beach just a short bit away. It was the perfect day, about 73 degrees and when we strolled onto the beach, we were the only ones there (save for a few fishermen on the dock a bit aways). Bliss. The mountains/huge hills of the area come right up to the water and the scenery was just perfect. One of the dogs wandering the beach decided to be our watchdog and would literally snap and and eat bugs and bees out of the air. Crazy pup. We ate, drank, read, and napped for a glorious afternoon.

After a few hours, we headed back to town and went to a little cafe in a park right near our hostel. We drank coffee and read and just soaked up our last day in the Turkish sun.

Back at the hostel, we met 2 people who were also staying there, a girl from New Zealand and a guy from D.C. We chatted for a bit and decided to all get dinner together. We went to a little restaurant nearby and had our last Turkish kebabs of the trip. Afterwards, we went to grab a drink, coffee, and of course baklava before heading back. It’s always interesting the types if people you meet while traveling. I would have never really talked to or hung out with those people if it weren’t been for traveling. They were fine folks, just cared about many different things than we did. We don’t really have much in common, but when you are traveling, something as simple as speaking the same language brings people together.

We have to be up in about 4 hours to catch the shuttle bus to our flight back to Istanbul. So, this is where I leave you for tonight.

Photos: Instagram/Twitter @jae_mae

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