hide your eyes :: outfit post

It’s interesting to see how closely tied the weather and seasons are to what type of music I listen to.  This summer all about folksy tunes (as you can tell from my music posts).  But as the air turns cooler, I find myself  changing my music tastes once again.  Now, this isn’t to say that I still don’t love and appreciate different types of music, but usually one type sticks out and defines that season of life.

I so appreciate music and what it has the capability to do inside you, that’s why I have a degree in Music Business (which I don’t technically use in my everyday life, but music is something I will always be passionate about).  Being back in Nashville has kind of forced this music stuff out of me again.  It’s just such a unique place to live and even though it can get tiring to hear everyone talk about music all the time, I really do appreciate all of it.

outfit details- sweater::thrifted//floral dress::forever 21//tights::target//shoes::x appeal

You run and hide until it’s over,
You hide your eyes under the covers.
If you open up won’t you discover,
If you open up won’t you discover.
Though I can’t handle love
I blame myself this time,
In your own, your heart is built on nothing so.


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