wanderlust wednesday :: charleston, south carolina

One of the loveliest places in the south.  I took a little weekend roadtrip to Charleston a few weeks ago and needless to say, I fell a little bit in love.

Similar to my sentiments about Savannah, Charleston has something magical about it.  It fee  Let’s break down some of the wonderful parts.

…the buildings…

This buildings and houses of Charleston completely won me over.  You just need to take in the glory of these photos.

…the food…

We didn’t get to experience nearly as much food as I would have liked because we were there such a short time.  We missed out on a really great restaurant called Husk, but to my surprise, I just found out they are opening up one in Nashville.  I was over the moon.  Anyways, back to the food I did get to experience in Charleston.

Every morning was spent at Kudu. They serve Counter Culture coffee (one of my favorites) and also serve beer. It’s a wonderful shop and the espresso wasn’t half bad. The people that worked there were really friendly and gave us great recommendations on how to spend out short time there.

Of course, we had to try some southern BBQ, and Fiery Ron’s caught our attention. We stuffed ourselves full of smoked meat and fat and it was glorious.

And I have saved the best for last. Butcher&Bee was completely fabulous, just perfection in a mid price range restaurant. Decorated so rustic, fresh and local food, and a great staff, this place was the bees knees (punny, eh?).

…the water/scenery…

Charleston is a coastal city. Oceanside cities have always touched my heart, and I think I feel freer when I’m near the ocean.

Just walking down the streets is a joy. Some of the prettiest places we saw were on the College of Charleston’s campus.

And the most beautiful sunsets.

Charleston is a special place friends, you absolutely must go there.


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