wanderlust wednesday :: arrington vineyards

Something different for this week’s travel themed post, a little vineyard 30 minutes outside Nashville.

Arrington Vineyards was founded by Kix Brooks (of the country duo Brooks and Dunn) and sits in the beautiful rolling hills of Tennessee.  I haven’t been to many vineyards, but Arrington is by far my favorite.  It just has the most perfect atmosphere, different than most wineries.  It feels really laid back and not stuffy like some wineries tend to be.

People bring blankets and food and have picnics out on the huge lawn and buy bottles of wine from the vineyard.  They have a pretty decent selection of red, white, and dessert wines.  Free wine tastings go on all day and in the summer and fall, they have a bonfire when the sun sets.  It’s just an absolutely perfect way to spend a Saturday (or any day really).

I happened to go a few weeks ago for a friend’s birthday and had the most wonderful time enjoying life.

aren’t my friends just lovely?

If you live in the Nashville area (or even if you don’t, come visit!), Arrington is definitely a must see!


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