hippie life :: simple shampoo and conditioner

Now, this may be taking it a bit to the extreme.  A few months ago, when this whole natural revolution started in my life, I wanted to try out this whole “no poo” phenomenon where you gradually wean yourself off of shampoo so that you never have to use it again.  The natural oils from your hair are supposed to balance themselves out.  Now that I’m a couple months into the transition period, I don’t think I’ll go completely “no poo”, it’s just too much for me. But, I have learned to like this hair washing style.


2 TBSP baking soda
~1 cup water
few drops of essential oil


2 TBSP apple cider vinegar
~1 cup water

But, I am still using my super easy and simple shampoo and conditioner.  However, disclaimer, there is still a transition period where greasy hair abounds.  You see, what regular shampoo does is strip your hair of its natural oils, so then your hair overproduces the oil to compensate for that.  So, it’s hard to break the cycle.  It means a lot of braids and buns for a month or so, but it’s pretty worth it, just from the money savings alone.

This is probably the thing that is the hardest to transition to and keep it up.  I’m still not completely sold on it, but I keep doing it, mostly because I’m stretched for money and natural shampoo is so expensive.  My hair is definitely used to it now and i only have to wash my hair once or twice a week.  It feels really healthy as well.

So, there’s the good and the bad about my natural shampoo journey.  There are other ways to make shampoo that include jojoba oil and Dr. Bronners and things like that, but I just can’t get over how simple this is.


One thought on “hippie life :: simple shampoo and conditioner

  1. Love i started doing this last week I forgot to tell you! I finally ran out of conditioner. I love it and didn’t have the weird greasy phase. Also I only use 1 T to 1 cup so it’s slightly milder.

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