breezeblocks :: outfit post

Well, as you are reading this, I am in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. Just a spontaneous little trip little trip with some friends because I could. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have the ability to travel, even inside my own country. I am truly blessed to be able to have opportunities like this because they keep me feeling alive.

Taking photos at my old/new house is the best. These ones are obviously in the front on my most adorable little abode. There’s so many different places I can take them and I don’t have to plan a whole trip just to take outfit photos. Score one for outfit post ease.

This wonderful sky blue dress was another friend’s grandma’s hand-me-downs. It’s from Hazel, the same person who owned this dress. Gosh, I just love vintage clothing. It is one of my downfalls, I am always a sucker for something vintage that looks just a bit on the crazy side…





Do you know where the wild things go
They go along to take your honey, la la la la
Break down let’s sleep build up breakfast now
Let’s eat my love my love love love, la la la la


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