wanderlust wednesday :: manhattan in 12 hours or less

Obviously New York City is huge, like really huge.  Like it’s skyline is probably 3 times as big as Chicago, so it’s kind of intimidating to try to cover “NYC” in a post.  But, I recently stopped here on my way to Rhode Island mostly to visit one of my favorite people on earth who moved there in January.  We spent a super short time in the city, yet managed to cram in a whole mess of things in less than 24 hours we were there.  Here’s what we managed to see in less than a day.

‘The Classics’

Empire State Buliding

Flat Iron Building

Even though I’ve been to NYC 3 times, this is the closest I’ve gotten to the Statue of Liberty…

Madison Ave. Mad Men. Obsessed. Enough Said.

‘The Parks’

The Highline. New NY obsession. An old rail line in the industrial district turned into a park.

Central Park

‘The Eats’

Stumptown NYC. Just a little shop they opened up in the Ace Hotel. Out of all the coffee in NY, we chose this little guy, they should be honored 😉

BareBurger. Fresh, organic, and local. It was pretty much perfect for lunch.

Laduree. French macarons. I died when I found out they opened up a NYC location.

So, there’s my little glimpse into Manhattan in a day. It’s a huge city, but if you plan well, you can fit in a good portion in just 12 hours.  It was just a simply lovely time.

Have you ever spent less than 12 hours in a city and see more than you expected?


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