sunny side of the street :: outfit post

We are now entering weather perfection, early fall in Tennessee.  Still warm enough to get plenty of sunshine and warmth, but the nights are cool enough to bring the cardigans out.

I got this perfectly 1960s outfit from a good friend’s mom. (I think half of my closet is stuff that people just gave to me, I don’t know if that means that I wear things that no one else would dream of, but I don’t really care!) She was going through old things and came across this gem and she (thankfully!) let me have it.  I love that it’s straight out of the 60s, but not your typical 60s Betty Draper party dress.  It’s a little funky and that’s why I love it all the more.  I’m bound to get a few stares in it, but that’s what makes it worth it.  It’s pure polyester though, not too great when it’s anything over 80 degrees, even though it’s sleeveless.

outfit details: top&cropped pants-vintage//shoes-minnetonka moccasins

It’s getting cold outside, the leaves are fallin 
I’m standin in the rain, can’t you hear me callin 
Soon enough though I will be, far away from misery 
Just standin on the sunny side of the street

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