music monday :: hollow wood

Wow.  So, I wasn’t even going to do a Music Monday today (clearly, because I’m posting this at almost 9pm) because I didn’t have anyone in mind and I didn’t feel like poking around the internet for someone.


But, then by musical magic happenstance, I came upon Hollow Wood. Sometimes, things are just meant to be.

They are a little (young!) folk trio out of Idaho.  I saw their video on one of the blogs I follow, I Just Might Explode and immediately fell in love.  I’ve literally been listening to them on BandCamp the past hour.  Now, it’s your turn to enjoy them.

Now go and tell all your friends, k?

2 thoughts on “music monday :: hollow wood

  1. these kids are so damn ambitious.

    glad to see youngsters experimenting with sprawling, dynamic song structures. props to them. I’ve always wanted to something along the lines of this video.

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