revolutionary mind :: outfit post

August has been a crazy month.  So many things have happened in such a short period of time, but it’s all very exciting.  I will have some big changes coming up really soon and I’m just preparing myself for it all.  I’ll splurge more details soon 🙂

I truly think that this phase in life (mid 20s) is the best.  There is so much shaping and developing that happens.  I guess that happens all the time, but I think now I am just old enough to realize how much I am free to change and mold into the person that I am created to be.  I don’t really have any inhibitions about myself or my life.  It’s all out there for the world to see.  Sometimes I realize that this may be too much for people, but that’s who I am down to the core.  Other people surely aren’t changing that.

This beautiful lighthouse is in Point Judith, RI (see more here).  There’s just something about the sea, the waves, the saltwater air, and the lighthouse beaming its light.  It’s nautical magic.  Sara took these photos for me.  After beating our way through weeds and bramble that was over our heads, we got a closer look at this beauty.

outfit details: shirt-vintage from my mom(!!)// skirt- forever 21 // shoes: vintage thrifted

Night is here again, baby, 
I’m stretched out on my bed 
Seeing all kinds of crazy notions 
Running through my head

I need a progressive woman; 
I need an awfully liberal woman.
There ain’t no reactionary baby 
Can ease my revolutionary mind.

-lyrics by Woody Guthrie, sung on New Multitudes album


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