24 before 25, an update

Well, believe it or not, it’s been 6 months since my 24th birthday, which means I’m halfway through the year to 25.

Let’s see how I am doing with my 24 things to accomplish before I’m 25…

1.  Nope. Well, since I’ve changed my lifestyle to be a bit more natural, I don’t think the crazy hair color is going to happen.

2. Yep!  I’ve read even more than 3! Grapes of Wrath, On the Road, 1984, Tender is the Night.  Currently, I’m rereading Great Gatsby… my favorite

3. Not really.  I’m really, really bad at this.  I need to get better!

4. Yes.  I taught a class on different ways to brew coffee at home.

5. Definitely! I saw SO MANY at the folk festival (Head and the Heart, Alabama Shakes, Punch Brothers, First Aid Kit, Spirit Family Reunion, My Morning Jacket, Blind Pilot.  I’m also seeing the Lumineers and Bob Dylan this week (dream come TRUE!)

6. No.  Probably won’t happen again, but we shall see!

7.  I mean technically I have run a 10K, just in my running workouts.  But, I haven’t registered for an official one.  I really also want to do a half marathon.

8. Kinda.  I wrote more than a few this summer, but I still would love to send more snail mail.

9. Yup.  I learned enough to get by in France when I was there but, I would still love to keep learning more.

10. Yes.  I think I’ve done a pretty good job doing this.  I still want to get better and make things look even better.

11. Yes!  I drove through Connecticut and also stayed and saw a lot of Rhode Island!

12. Actually yes.  Through my Music Monday feature, I have featured some favorites and it also puched me to find new artists.

13. Oh yeah!  I went to the Netherlands, Spain, and France.  I’m also planning to go to Turkey in November.

14. Nope.  I really wish it didn’t cost so much and have so many things to learn about…

15. Yup.  Got my caffeine tattoo.

16. Kinda.  I started out really well.  My old roommate Liz and I hosted people once a week for a little while and we had a lot of fun.  I’ve also done it here and there for people, but I would like to keep doing it more.

17. YES!  I’ve tried so many recipes and really feel like I’ve improved a lot in this area!  I absolutely love cooking and baking!

18. Almost.  I’m reading a book called ‘The Professional Barista Manual’.  It’s super coffee nerd-ish but I love it!

19. Nope.  Don’t really have the tools and getting them are kind of expensive but maybe I can find some way.

20. Unfortunately, no.  I’m still on the quest for the perfect jeans.  Any ideas?

21. I just kinda threw this one in here, I love to dance, but haven’t really learned a dance.

22. Yup.  New people started at my job over the summer and I got to become friends with them.  Also, I deepened a friendship with someone who was just an acquaintance before.

23. Yes and no.  I started off really well.  A friend and I were doing it together and memorizing 2 verses a week.  Then, craziness happened and it stopped.  So, hopefully I’ll pick it back up?

24.  This is, of course, an ongoing goal.  And this so called dream is going to change and take different forms.  I put this on here so that I keep striving to figure out what’s going to fulfill me at any point in life

So, there you have it!  I think I’m doing pretty well actually.  I am such a goal oriented person and making these lists each year and a way for me to feel like I’m working towards something in life 🙂


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