i’ll find a way :: outfit post

One of the many reasons it’s great to travel with my best friend who is a photographer is that I get to take outfit photos in fun places. I love getting to change things up and find places to sneak outfit photos in when I’m traveling.

This particular place is in Morningside Park in Manhatten, on the very Upper East Side near Columbia University. It’s a beautiful little park, and of course a great place for photos. A good friend moved to NYC in January and we got to stop and see a bit of his daily life as a New Yorker.

I’m not a particularly short person (about 5′ 7″) but I always have this little longing to be just a bit taller. I have no idea why because I’m already a couple inches over the average height for a girl. So, I love it when outfits and photos make me look taller, and for some reason, these photos, expecially the first one make me look tall, and I’m quite ok with that.

This is such a lovely and light outfit for summer.

outfit details – blouse, shorts, belt::thrifted vintage / shoes::target

Well, I’ve always had a troubled mind
I had trouble everyday
When I left it all behind
It was no more to stay
And that good road I still ride
Wind in my hair
It blows way the trouble for which I don’t care

Don’t worry bout me
I’ll find a way
I’ll find a way
I’ll find a way

-Spirit Family Reunion


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