travel journal :: newport folk festival day 2

After quite a wonderful first day of folk music, I couldn’t wait to see what the second day would hold.  We awoke with the sun, so it goes when you sleep in a car.

We walked down to the main street of Newport with all of its touristy things in search of the morning’s coffee. We found a nice little place and attempted to recharge our phones some while we sipped our coffee and caught our first glimpse of the Olympics (women’s long distance cycling… unfortunately).

View from Fort Adams State Park



We headed straight over to Fort Adams Park for day 2.  Unfortunately for me, most of the music I wanted to see was all squished at the end of the day, overlapping each other.  So, it was a waiting game for most of the morning and early afternoon.  We watched Sara Watkins and Trampled by Turtles, who were both great, but after sitting for a while, I needed to get up and wander to other stages.

I came up during New Multitudes set, which I found out is a collaboration of many other bands.  They are a tribute band to Woody Guthrie in honor of his 100th birthday this year.  All of the lyrics are Woody’s, but with music by these wonderful people:  Jay Farrar (Uncle Tupelo), Will Johnson (Centro-matic, member of Monsters of Folk), Anders Parker, and Jim James (My Morning Jacket).  It was a moving performance.

I headed back to the main stage for The Head and The Heart, which was probably one of the bands I was looking the most forward to.  We squeezed ourselves in as close as we could to the front and I sang and danced my heart out.  Their live harmonies were even more soulful and cut-you-to-the-core good and I could tell that they loved their music, and loved performing it.

As soon as their closer, Rivers and Roads (ah!) ended, we ran across the entire park to catch the rest of Of Monsters and Men.  It had started to drizzle a bit, but it wasn’t dampening the spirits of anyone around the stage at all. It was just one huge sing and dance party.  They were completely enjoying themselves on stage and the crowd was giving it right back.

Then, the crises of my life, Tallest Man on Earth and Punch Brothers played at the exact same time.  I was TORN!  I stayed at the stage that Of Monsters and Men was at and watched the first half of Punch Brothers.  They were just the most precious things ever on stage.  They were all in nice suits and vest and bow ties, and just were so happy and joyful.  My heart was smiling and my feet were dancing.

I didn’t want to leave but I also wanted to catch Tallest Man on Earth.  I jetted over to his stage and it was so so crowded.  People just everywhere watching Kristian Matsson give his brilliant solo performance.  You just really couldn’t take your eyes off the stage, not to mention it was raining and people were just entranced by his performance.

The rain continued on for the rest of the evening, although not as bad as the day before.  We watched Jackson Browne close out the show with the help from Sara and Sean Watkins, Dawes, and Tom Morello.  Just a classic   rock, folk, country musician.  It was an honor to see him.

The rain finally stopped on the way back to the car.  We went to a seafood restaurant for dinner in Jamestown and had some fresh fish.  It’s sad that for most of my life, I hated all seafood.  I’m glad I got over that.

Then, it was back to the beach in Point Judith to camp for the night.  I fell asleep dreaming and reminiscing of the wonder that is folk music.  I don’t know what I would do without it.


One thought on “travel journal :: newport folk festival day 2

  1. Loving Of Monsters and Men right now! I got their album for a dollar on Amazon…more than worth it. 🙂 That looks like a really fun festival. I might have to go there next year! I want to go to new england, too…so that seems like the perfect solution. 🙂

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