why i wear vintage and thrift

The other day I really got to thinking about why I wear vintage.  What got me on this crazy train that I can’t see myself getting off of for a long while?  After some thinking, I wanted to share on the blog why I dress the way I dress.  Because a main focus of this blog is my outfits, I thought it made sense for you to dive a little deeper into my crazy brain.

So, here’s just a few reasons why I wear vintage and thrift.

1. To be unique.  Now this may seem selfish or whatever but, I spent most of middle and high school years just trying to fit in with everyone else.  All I wanted was to blend in and be “cool”.  Oh wow.  So glad I got out of that funk.  But, it took me a long time to really feel comfortable in my own skin.  Now, I wouldn’t even imagine going back to trying to be something I’m not.  My clothes show who I am, my personality, my uniqueness.

2. To save money.  This is more on the thrifting side of things.  Most of the time, thrifting saves me tons of money.  Instead of paying $50 for a dress, I pay $5.  It’s fabulous.  Plus, I get unique clothing that show my creativity.

I got this entire outfit (hat, dress, belt, shoes) for under $10!

3. To recycle.  When you buy used clothes, you are doing a small part to minimize waste.  You aren’t buying new clothes, you are recycling old ones. 🙂

4. To carry on the memory of people who wore the clothes before me.  There have been a couple times when friends have given me their grandmas’ old clothes.  I love that they think of me (plus, that’s free clothes for me!) and it feels really great to be able to wear something with a little bit of a story behind it.

Both of these dresses belonged to friends’ grandmothers

5. To show my creativity.  I’m not really an artist in the traditional sense.  My different style of clothes helps me to express my creativity.  I love buying slightly crazy pieces of clothing and trying to make them work in an outfit.  It’s a bit of a creative challenge for me.

So, there it is, a little peak inside my crazy head.


5 thoughts on “why i wear vintage and thrift

  1. There’s nothing crazy about your love of vintage and thrift store clothing…you look great! 🙂

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