wanderlust wednesday :: a perfect afternoon in Paris

Let me take you through a little photo diary of my most perfect afternoon in Paris.  It was one of those times of complete bliss, where the most wonderful thoughts and ideas were swarming my head and contentment and joy was something that seemed was going to last forever.

First, a perfectly browned and warmed ‘poulet fromage’ (chicken and cheese) crepe for an early lunch.  There was a small crepe cart near the Crimee metro station near my hostel that served them and they were the best I had while in Paris.

Then, I hopped on the metro to the Lourve .  I wasn’t even going to bother going to the Lourve when I first decided to go to Paris, but thankfully, I was convinced otherwise.  I was completely entranced by just wandering the (absolutely gigantic) building.  Many of the paintings that were my favorite were the enormous ones that you could just get lost in.  I would stand right in front of it and have the feeling that I was becoming part of the artwork, that I could somehow better connect with it by being so close to it.

After being completely blown away by the sheer greatness of the Lourve, I ventured out to what became one of my favorite little spots in Paris, a bridge near Ile de la Cite called the Love Bridge (because couples lock their love with padlocks on the walls of the bridge).  This French man playing the accordion was the absolute perfect touch to the afternoon.

I had a fresh chocolate croissant and an espresso in hand, which, to me, are some of the greatest things life can offer.

I would be surely be remiss if I didn’t let you all in on the accordion playing

Then, I spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around Ile de le Cite, Ile St Louis,  and the Latin Quarter, which are just perfectly Parisian. (see more photos here)  I love this one of the father and son riding bikes together.


I had the  absolute best gelato of my entire life (and actually I’ve tried a lot, especially on this trip) on Ile St Louis at a place called Berthillon.  Seriously. To. Die. For.



Doesn’t this photo just perfectly embody Paris?  Captured while wandering around the Latin Quarter with the above gelato in hand.


I, of course, grabbed a baguette (because you just have to in order to have a proper perfect afternoon in Paris) and had an early supper of the most French kind.

Yes, these events may seem cliche to an American thinking of Paris, but somehow the perfect harmony of everything together that afternoon was exactly what I needed from the City of Light.

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