wanderlust wednesday :: (the rest of) Paris, France

It’s true what they say, Paris is a magical place.  There’s just something about being in this city that lures your heart in and urges you to stay for eternity.  Some may say that Paris is overrated, but I think they are just in denial.

I stayed in a slightly crazy, but completely clean and safe hostel in the 19th arrondissement, which in the northeast part of the city.  I took the pink line metro straight into the city centre every day and got where I needed to go from there.

my metro station//canal with my hostel on the right

Of course, I saw all of the things you must see in Paris, the tourist destinations if you will.

Eiffel Tower

From the 2nd level of the tower

 At night 

Arc de Triopmhe

Notre Dame

From the side

The Lourve

But, most people know about these things, so I’m not going to share anything about them.  They were all completely wonderful and even more surreal in person.  Even though you’ve seen and heard a million things about each of these, actually seeing and experiencing them is a must.

But, what I really am excited to share are my favorite parts of ‘The City of Light’.  As you may have seen from the few photos on my Instgram, is that I’ve recently become a little obsessed with macarons.  That’s because of this wonderful little place called Laduree.

This is the Champs Elysees location.  How completely dreamy is the building?

Such beautiful color and presentation. (And it should be! 15 Euro for 6, which is over $18)

So many delicious treats.

Another one of my favorite areas was the islands in the middle of the Seine River,  Ile de la Cite and Ile St. Louis.  These are some of the oldest parts of Paris.   When I got off the metro for the first time in the city centre of Paris, I was near the Lourve.  I was upset because I didn’t “feel like” I was in Paris.  I didn’t feel that magic.  That magic and charm is found on these little islands. ( To give you some reference, Notre Dame is on Ile de la Cite.)

On Ile de la Cite, these grounds are some of the oldest in the city

This photo just embodies Paris for me

I had the  absolute best gelato of my entire life (and actually I’ve tried a lot, especially on this trip) on Ile St Louis at a place called Berthillon.  Seriously. To. Die. For.  Actually a couple I met in Barcelona just a few days prior to this told me about this place.  They said it was absolutely a must do for them in Paris.  I’m sure am glad that I heeded their advice.

This darling candy shop reminded me so much of Harry Potter I almost died of happiness.

This photo I took on my favorite bridge in Paris, where couples “lock their love” with padlock onto the bridge then throw the key into the Seine.  It’s creatively called ‘The Love Bridge”  I’m usually not a cheesy romantic type (at all) but I would love to do this someday!  Anyways, this bridge also overlooks Ile de la Cite (in the background of the photo)

Near these islands, on the left bank, is Place St Michel.  It’s right in the center of the Latin Quarter, another fabulous area of Paris (and also the location of another Laduree! Obsessed? Yes I am.)

One time when I was passing the fountain, I found these guys playing…

A wonderful little spot in the Latin Quarter

Latin Quarter perfection

Next week, be looking out for my 3rd, (yes, 3rd) installment from Paris.  I’ll be taking you through a photo diary of my most perfect afternoon in Paris.

taken on a rainy day in front of the Eiffel Tower. magic.


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