stay inside :: outfit post

I’ve had quite the relaxing past 2 weeks.  After a couple crazy ones, all I needed was to just not do anything.  So I did (or rather didn’t).  I stayed home a lot.  I cooked a lot.  I baked a lot.  I read a lot.  It was just nice to ahve so much time for myself.  I feel like I regained a lot of balance in my life.  I know it’s probably just going to get thrown off again soon but it’s nice to feel on track again.

Maybe it was just a bit too sunny when I took these here photos.  I should have waited just a bit longer when the sun wasn’t so bright, but alas, I didn’t.  So, I broke out my super funky vintage sunglasses.  They are very old and a little warped on the arms so I don’t really wear them out much, but I still think they’re just fun.

Also, welcome to my back porch, where these photos were taken.  I’m kind of in love with it.  I think I spend at least 2 hours (usually more) a day out there just reading or thinking.

outfit details:
all vintage or thrifted!

On a night like tonight even quiet is quiet and 
The spurs of the moment are mostly invited. 
Because a lie is a lie you can give till you die. 
When all the doors are flung open wide 
Its coming up short 
I’m forced to stay inside. 
I’m forced to stay inside, stay inside.


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