Wanderlust Wednesday :: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam: The first of the travel posts from my most recent trip!  I know I shared some iPhone photos and such but I wanted to go a but more in depth about each of the cities I visited.

I only spent about 10 hours in the city (I had a long layover), but I tried to fit in whatever I could.  Mostly I just wandered the streets and was wooed by the canals.

I literally walked the entire city centre back and forth just taking it all in.  When you are only in a place for such a short time, it’s so overwhelming to choose what you want to do, especially when you are going about about 2 hours of sleep.

One of the things I managed to fit in was the Van Gogh museum.  I already mentioned a little about this in my travel post, but I learned and was inspired so much by the life and art of Van Gogh.  He had a pretty crazy life and, well, let’s be honest, he was just crazy but he clearly made a huge impact on the art community. It’s a smaller museum and I definitely recommend it if you are in Amsterdam.

I also found my way to Vondelpark.  A huge oasis in the city centre with gazebos bridges and ponds.  Hemingway often frequented here when he was in Amsterdam and drew inspiration from the atmosphere.  It’s a perfect place to sit and read and feel very introspective, just as I imagine Hemingway did.

Another very Holland thing that I saw was the flower market.  It’s just a huge street filled with flowers, bulbs, planting supplies, everything.  It was quite the contrast from the bleak day that surrounded it.

A curious things about Amsterdam was that everyone rides bikes and by everyone I mean EVERYONE.  The streets and canals are literally cluttered with all of the bikes locked up awaiting their rider.  I have never seen a place more bike friendly. (No, not even Portland)

To end my time in Holland, I partook in a Holland tradition of frites.  There are frite stands all over the city and apparently I went to the ones who claimed they were best in Holland. You get a huge cone of fries and smother them in sauce (which there are over 20 to choose from).

If I had a bit more time, I would have loved to go on a walking tour of the city and also take a canal tour.  I would have gotten waffles, which are supposedly VERY good and gone to the Heineken brewery.  But, alas, I was tired and pressed for time, so I saw what I could!


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