the house that isn’t mine :: outfit post

I’ve had a lot of talks lately about life.  Good talks. Real talks.  I’m so lucky to have such great friends all over that I can connect with and gush out my crazy life.

They make me think.  Think about all of the things that maybe I don’t even want to think about right now.  They challenge me and put me in my place when I am daydreaming too much.

People are great, you guys.  Don’t forget it.

Anyways, a slightly “out there” outfit to match the slightly “out there” music of He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister.  I found this shirt and crazy high waisted jeans at an antique store in town.  Seriously vintage shopping at antique stores is the best because you find SUCH better deals than you would at a vintage thrift store alone.  Both of these things were straight out of 1950 new with tags. So wonderful.

outfit details:
shirt & jeans & belt- thrifted
shoes- target

fear freezing on the hardwood
wind is racing through the pines
sittin’ in a house that isn’t mine
im hearing sounds iver never heard before
every time my eyes they wander
they wander into the night
every time my mind it wanders
mind is twisting aside
-he’s my brother she’s my sister


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