trainwreck :: outfit post

What would a visit to Portland be without photos in front of this great sign?  My best, saradecemberrose, took these for me because it was too great to pass up.

Isn’t this dress to die for?  It’s actually pretty special. It belonged to a friend’s grandmother and she asked if I would like to have this and one other dress.  Of course I would never pass up an offer of vintage dresses.  After just a bit of altering, it fit perfectly!  It is definitely a new favorite in the collection (which is growing quite large now!!!)  Also, I’ve finally purchased a camera bag that doesn’t look like a camera bag.  I’m completely in love.

These past few weeks have been completely insane.  I’ve been all over the country and world (clearly, if you have been reading my posts…).  I’m just trying to get back settled down into “normal” life, whatever that means.  Right now, it seems a bit mundane, but I’m hoping things will begin to feel right again.

outfit details:
dress: vintage
belt and shoes: thrifted
purse/camera bag: Jo Totes

You gotta know you’ve got a train-wreck smile
The kind of face that makes the boys go wild
A look of shame might even make them cry
You turn away & leave then asking why
-kopecky family band


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