{travel journal} vagabond

vagabond – Noun:
A person who wanders from place to place without a home or job.
Having no settled home.
Wander about as or like a vagabond.

It’s getting to those days were I feel like a vagabond; just by myself trying to conquer the world or rather maybe just Barcelona, or maybe just conquering myself. But either way, it’s thrilling.

Today was a day full of Antonio Gaudi, who is not only known worldwide, but is a Catalan artist which is why everything here is full of his work.

First was La Sagrada Familia, a church still being built even after his death. It in one of the most amazing things I have seen. Just brilliant. Words can’t describe, you will just have to see it for yourself. There are 3 facades. One depicting the nativity or birth of Christ, one of the passion of Christ, and one that is still very much in progress, the glory of Christ.





Looking up at the inside ceiling, it is supposed to resemble a forest. Gaudi is very influenced by nature and incorporates a lot of it into his work. I actually took a few videos of the church, but WordPress won’t let me put them on here unless I have an upgrade :(.

Anyways, after my time marveling La Sagrada Familia, I walked around the l’eixample neighborhood, which is heavily influenced by Gaudi. He designed many apartment blocks and lived in one here as well. I splurged for lunch at a wonderful little cafe and had the plate of the day, filet mignon. It was heavenly. I had just their house red wine and it tasted like berries (for my Tim and Eric fans out there: sweet berry wine anyone?). It was a bit pricey for me (but really reasonable for what I got) but I’m glad I took the plunge.

Then, was a pleasant walk down to the beach. I didn’t have a towel or anything but I plopped right down in my dress and slept and read the afternoon away. It was one of the most relaxing times of the trip. It’s I was wandering back to La Rambla to get a free dinner (score for hostel promotions), a handsome Spanish fellow more or less told me he saw me waking on the beach earlier and that I was very pretty. Surprisingly I understood what he saying, but definitely taken aback a bit. I was flattered nonetheless. But I got out of there quickly just in case he was looking for more…

After my free dinner and sangria, I decided to turn in early to the hostel. I’m just enjoying the beautiful night on the rooftop. Please don’t let it end!


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