{travel journal} La Banlieue

“La Banlieue” means the outskirts or the zone around the city, which is where most of my time was spent today

Today was a day of ups and downs both literally and figuratively.

I was quite sad to leave Paris this morning but things turned brighter when I got off the metro and saw my precious hostel up in the La Zona Alta area of the city. It’s on a quiet little street with a rooftop porch.

Then, I set out for Park Güell north of the city centre on a hill. It is the park that Antonio Gaudi designed. There were also houses he designed and lived in at one point. It’s just like nothing you’ve ever seen before.


Then, I took the metro down south of the city centre to Montjuïc. A labyrinth of parks and gardens and the Olympic stadium. I was trying to find the Montjuïc Castell but literally it is a maze of craziness. I had a map and I still got mildly lost. Plus, it’s all uphill. An a steep uphill. I was getting very frustrated and tired and wondering if it was even worth it.

But, thankfully it was. As soon as I climbed to the top of the castle, the whole city of Barcelona sprawled out in front of me. Breathtaking. Then to my other side, the Mediterranean as far as the eye can see. So, that put me in a better mood. Another reason I love traveling alone: when I get frustrated, no one really knows and I get over it a lot quicker…

Anyways, I scaled my way back down the hill in search of some dinner. I wandering into the El Raval neighborhood and ducked into some small stone side streets (more like pathways). I finally decided on a tapas place that looked nice and didn’t seem too expensive. It turned out wonderfully. I had a fresh mojito and 3 different tapas, tortilla española, fried potato bites with this spicy sauce and cheese, and a toasted bread with fresh tomato purée. Seriously great.

Then, as I was making my way back to the metro, I saw an amazing gelato display that I couldn’t pass up. Thankfully I didn’t because it was very worth it. I finished my evening waltzing down La Rambla, the main tourist street, and judging all the tourists…

Only 2 more full days of my trip left. I can’t even believe it!

5 thoughts on “{travel journal} La Banlieue

  1. I love Park Guell. Barcelona was the first trip I took with my daughter (she was 17 weeks) and her eyes were dancing in every direction when we visited the park 🙂

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