{travel journal} a candle’s fire

Paris is the candlelight in my life. Te perfect amount of light and charm and magic.

Everyday that I’m in Paris, I fall more in love. I feel like I’m going to have to have this messy break up tomorrow morning when I leave. C’est la vie.

I feel like I have crammed as much as I could into these days in Paris.

Yesterday started off with a walk through the Jardin des Tuileries, the gardens in front of the Lourve. This bumps right into Champs-Élysées which of course leads right up to the Arc de Triomphe. On the way, I picked up French macaroons from Laudree. I splurged on myself for these and I am so glad I did. Delightful. Then I grabbed the metro to the free walking tour of Paris.

Of course, I learned a ton about the history of Paris, which I knew an embarrassingly small amount about. But, now I feel I am up to speed. Then I finally ate a decent French meal of duck confit and red wine. It was quite wonderful. Then a short walk to…

The Eiffel tower. It really is enchanting. It’s curious because you see all these pictures and movies of it, it’s almost anticlimactic once you’re there. Almost. You just have to take it all in.


The view from the second level is breathtaking. The whole city of Paris sprawling at your feet. I just kept walking around and around and the view never got old. I finally descended to take see it lit up from afar. Just as enchanting as it seems.


Today was another day wandering the street and sights. I started off at the Lourve. I told myself I wasn’t going to go to the Lourve. It was too “touristy” and everyone just goes to see the Mona Lisa right?? Well, thankfully I changed my mind because it was brilliant (not necessarily the Mona Lisa which is basically an 24 x 32″ painting…). I was just in awe walking about among the Renaissance and neoclassical and romantic paintings. One of my favorites was just opposite the Mona Lisa and depicts the wedding where Jesus turned water into wine (The Marriage at Cana by Veronese). It is absolutely enormous and you get lost in the painting.



I then headed over to Norte Dame and took in all it’s glory. Thankfully I had a guide to read about all the special parts and meanings of things both on the inside and out.

Next, was a walk on the two islands of Paris, Ile de la Cite (where the Notre Dame is located) and Ile St Louis. They are like tiny villages within themselves. So cute! Regardless, I had the best gelato of my life on those islands at Berthillon. Seriously guys… Amazing. I also grabbed a baguette just to be classically French.

After I recovered from the amazing gelato, I crossed the river and headed into the Latin Quarter. It was also just very Paris. The left bank is where it’s at. (the River Seine divides the city and you refer to the sides and left and right bank). It just feels much more Paris to me with so many little cafes and restaurants you could die. So completely wonderful.


Just as I was starting to head back, it started to rain (perfect timing) so I just grabbed some Camembert cheese to eat with my baguette from earlier and some red wine and had a lovely light French dinner. What a perfect way to end my time in Paris.

I am so in love.


One thought on “{travel journal} a candle’s fire

  1. I can’t believe you went to the louve! I am seriously living vicariously through you. The marriage at Cana is such a great painting.

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