{travel journal} the canals of our city

Well it looks as if I just can’t stay away from blogging.

It has been an insane past 2 days. The first days of international travel always are. Attempting to get a real night’s rest on a plane is a complete joke. I don’t know why I believe it’s always going to happen!

So, after approximately 98 minutes of sleep Monday “night”, I hopped off the plane into quite possibly the coolest airport ever, Amsterdam Schipol. It’s absolutely huge and has crazy lounges with brightly colored furniture. I almost would have been ok just staying there. Almost.


This was one of the lounges of the airport. It was a fake park. It had fake trees, grass, logs, and bean bag chairs for sleeping. Craziness.

It was a quick train ride into the city centre and I stepped off into a rainy but enchanting Amsterdam. Oh dear, the canals! They are completely wonderful, just every bit as lovely as you have imagined.

Amsterdam has a fairly small city centre so I feel like I could see most of the downtown area in a day just by walking (which I probably didn’t but it just seem that way because I walked so very much!). Also, almost everyone speaks English, not all the time, but they just know when an American comes along. So, that made things a lot less complicated because I literally know no Dutch…

Here is what I managed to see in 8 hours:

-a cozy cafe overlooking one of the canals with a surprisingly great cappuccino
-went to the Van Gogh museum and was completely inspired by the way he became an artist
-walked and took a nap in Vondelpark, a place that great writers often frequented to relax
-wandered all over many of the canal streets
-ate the best frites in Holland or so they claim.
-drank an Amstel (a Dutch made beer) in an outdoor cafe
-attempted to sleep in the airport before my connecting flight

All in all, you were wonderful Amsterdam. Thanks for being friends with me for a day!


Snapshots from the wonderful cafe


not the best beer, but it’s Dutch so I had to!

live what you love.

(I apologize for all of the formatting that I know is off. I am limited to the wordpress app on my iPhone so it’s much harder to get it all to look pretty)


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