city of roses :: outfit post

Last Thursday through Monday was spent in the lovely city of Portland, OR.  It is a wonderful, lovely, magical city.  I am head over heels for it.  Perfect location, perfect size, perfect coffee.  I just can’t say enough about it.  But, I’ll continue to gush another day.

These photos were taken from a balcony at the Convention Center with a view of most of the Portland skyline.  I, of course, could not pass up an outfit opportunity.

Also, I’ve always wanted to try to do an outfit photo in all black and white and since the lighting was a little off in the photos, it was the perfect opportunity to use black and white and have that grainy feel of the photos.

outfit details:
shirt and sandals- target
cardigan- gap
skirt and belt- thrifted
necklace- renegade craft fair

In the city of, roses
Streets lined with red brick, and green branches
Weren’t rainy days that might seem bleak
Our rain is the paint that makes the land lush and the folks unique

(Portland’s nickname is the City of Roses and the song which these lyrics belong to is about Portland!)


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