Meet Music Monday :: Record Store Day 2012

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Record Store Day was this past Saturday.  Each year in April, independent records stores have an event to celebrate and appreciate the novelty of the relatively few record stores that are still around.

Many bands and artists will release special 7″ with remixes of old songs or songs that have never been released before.  Along with that, many record stores will have free live music all day long.  It’s great to know that people are still “celebrating” good music in tangible form (non of this mp3 business…)

This year, I was in Portland for this event.  While, we didn’t make it to any special events at any stores, we went to a few different stores and browsed around.  I was specifically looking for the Arcade Fire special release, but alas, the places we went to were sold out of them.  But, I managed to get away with some great steals!

Out first stop was Jackpot records in the Oldtown area.  I got My Morning Jacket’s RSD 2012 special release 7″ and Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash’s Nashville Outtakes from 1969 (what a GEM!  seriously freaked out a bit on finding this one).

Next, we stopped by Everyday Music in the Pearl district.  It was a HUGE store.  So many records.  I was between a few, but finally decided on this JEFF the brotherhood session from Nashville.  A friend’s husband played on the record and it was engineered at a throwback studio that I have been to called Welcome to 1979.  It was all recorded in one take to analog (which means it was recorded to tape, not digitally like most are done today).  Pretty sweet stuff.

So, all in all, RSD was a success and it was nice to see some of the indie record stores in Portland.


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