fragile :: outfit post

Remember when I said that I wanted to take photos in front of the many painted murals of Lafayette? Here’s another one that I happened upon when running a few days ago. It’s all over the sides and under a bridge. It’s scenes from all over the town and I quite like it. Although, I’m not really sure why there are campfires burning in the middle of the street in the first one, but that’s Lafayette for you.

It was quite amusing to take the one in the middle of the street. It’s on a semi-busy street so I had to time it when cars weren’t coming form either way and run out and snap it rather quickly. Alas, so goes the life of a fashion blogger…

Wearing this outfit really makes me believe that summer is so close. But, then we go and have another sub 40 degree day and I want to crawl into a hole (cold weather, I utterly despise you).

Summer, please come and stay soon. I dearly miss you.

outfit details:
feather tank- threadless select
belt- thrifted
shorts- vintage
shoes- thrifted Minnetonka Moccasins

If it’s fragile
I think it’s worthwhile
And if you break on me
Well accidents happen

So if you want to
Hold onto
What it is we had
It’s all blackened and shattered

-frankie and the heartstrings


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