diamond way :: outfit post

Surprisingly, there are quite a few brick roads in Lafayette.  But, they are all randomly scattered around town.  It’s never more than a block or two at a time.  It’s quite puzzling really.  But, nonetheless, they make for good backdrops for photos.

I’m (slowly) learning to be content with where I am at in life.  There’s this weird dichotomy where I want to always be somewhere else doing something else, yet I don’t really plan ever for the future.  So, I really have no idea what this “something else” would be.  It’s completely frustrating, but I’m trying to be okay with each day.  It’s not that I’m unhappy with my life right now, I just never want to sit still.  Ever.

Ah! This yellow dress!  I saw it at an antique store and absolutely had to have it.  I can imagine wearing it many days this summer.  It’s so light and breathable and completely wonderful.

outfit details:
dress/belt- vintage
headband- american apparel
shoes- target

Turn on the light turn off the light
It makes a difference
We are the children of the night
What is the consequence
An extra plane
A diamond way
-jeff the brotherhood


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